We believe In Creating Opportunities For Ordinary People To Do Extraordinary Things.

Quite literally, our roots are in fibre. However, we’ve always had a clear mission: our job is to connect people. In this age of the ‘new norm’ remote working, we are even more conscious of that. Not just for livelihood – work, business and education – but also for social interaction– entertainment, communication etc. Basically, us humans need each other. We are social creatures and we crave connections with others – even at socially distanced lengths.

How do we maintain our culture of collaboration and problem-solving when everyone who can, is working from home? The answer is data connectivity. It has become an is an essential service, just like water, electricity it has become a key utility.

The norm is changing, even the buzzword is changing, and it is already being called the new norm. We already know offices will change and that remote working will become the norm for anyone who can. But the biggest thing, from a more macro perspective, is that this is a more disrupted world now.

We’re very aware of this, and not just because we’re a company built on connectivity. Part of how we plan to evolve is to shift from being an infrastructure company to a technology company. We’re not entering the service layers, and so are not a threat to internet service providers (ISPs). That’s core to our business, but we will build out more useful features for our customers.

By far, one of the most important missions for us is to connect the unconnected and provide the vehicle with unlimited access to data service by supporting the telecommunications network operators. We together with our partners work hard to connect and provide abundant access to as many people as possible to the internet, but the people who need it the most are often in the most difficult of circumstances. The more there are who provide connectivity into communities, the more connected everyone becomes. Having worked in this emerging market for a long time we know how healthy and important competition is.

We want fibre connectivity and abundant access to be at the heart of communication for everyone. We’re a technology company that believes in creating opportunities for ordinary people to do extraordinary things. We want to connect people and communities so that they can expand their world, so the world too can meet and get to know them.